photo of holidays in beihai park

Holidays in Beihai Park


Image of holidays in Beihai Park


holidays in beihai park
Holidays in Beihai Park photo copyrighted by: BeijingChinaWorld

To the west of the Former Imperial Palace in the center of Beijing lies a vast expanse of water known variously in ancient times as Western Lake or Celestial Lake. The Celestial Lake is divided into Beihai, Zhonghai and Nanhai lakes, but the Beihai Lake is the most famous. As early as 800 years ago, the lake had already been developed into a gigantic imperial garden. Thanks to painstaking construction efforts during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the Beihai Park has grown into what we see today, an outstanding example of Chinese art of garden construction and horticulture situated right in the heart of Beijing. The Zhonghai and Nanhai lakes, known together as Zhongnanhai, has become the nerve center of China; it is the headquarters of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the Central Chinese Government. The Beihai Lake has long been converted into a public park.

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