photo of holidays in yuanmingyuan

Holidays in Yuanmingyuan


Image of Holidays in Yuanmingyuan


holidays in yuanmingyuan
Holidays in Yuanmingyuan photo copyrighted by: BeijingChinaWorld

Yuanmingyuan was a resort used by the feudal rulers for rest and pleasure as well as for holding audiences and attending to state affairs. Its unique architectures and accompanying scenery embodied the finest styles found in scenic spots and places of interests both in China and abroad. Most of the buildings were in the best traditional Chinese palace architectural styles, while occidental styles of arts in palace construction were also absorbed to produce a harmonious combination. One of the examples was the group of the "Western Buildings" in Changchungyuan, of which the main body was modeled on Barolk style but topped with traditional Chinese glazed-tile roofs. As a creation, the perfect combination of Chinese and western architectures added fresh contents to Chinese garden construction.

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