photo of the white dagoba

The White Dagoba


Image of the White Dagoba


the white dagoba
The White Dagoba photo copyrighted by: BeijingChinaWorld

The buildings in the Beihai Park are laid out with the White Pagoda on the Qionghua Isle as the center. In the south of the pagoda are the Hall of Karma, the Hall of Universal Peace, and the Hall of Enlightenment, forming a group of structures that extend to the Circular City by way of the Archway of Cloudy Hills and Accumulated Verdure along an axial line that extends from south to north. East of the isle is the Hall of Wisdom Pearls, the Wooden Archway and the stone bridge, which form another axial line. Around the isle are scattered several dozen halls, chambers, halls, pavilions, terraces and kiosks, linked to each other by corridors. The buildings are laid out in the fashion of a maze. The eastern and northern banks of Beihai are clustered with buildings as well. The Pavilion for Quiet Meditation and the Painted Boat Studio are tucked away in the woods behind the hill. The Five Dragon Pavilions stand abreast at the waterfront. The Tranquil Heart Studio is a garden in its own right. These man-made buildings combine with natural landscape to form a splendid imperial garden.

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