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photo of the white dagoba temple holidays
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The White Dagoba Temple Holidays

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Image of The White Dagoba Temple Holidays


the white dagoba temple holidays
The White Dagoba Temple Holidays photo copyrighted by: BeijingChinaWorld

The White Dagoba is more famous than the Temple itself. The dagoba has its own history of more than 700 years. It was initially built from 1271 to 1279 during the Yuan Dynasty and was designed and constructed by a famous Nepali at that time. Altogether, this Nepali built three dagobas in the whole of China, one in Tibet, one in Wutai Mountain, in Shanxi Province (one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China) and the third one here in White Dagoba Temple. These dagobas are the combinations of Chinese and Nepalese cultures. The White Dagoba is fifty one meters high like a gourd. The whole body was covered by chalkiness.

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