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yuanmingyuan tour
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One-third of the ground of Yuanmingyuan was taken up by over 200 small hills in the scenic area where precipitous cliffs, secluded valleys, steep rock walls and stone caves zigzagged their way about. Half of it was covered by waters of the vast lake and the serpentine streams and ponds. In Yuanmingyuan there were towers, terraces, pavilions, halls, corridors, pagodas, bridges etc. of different sizes, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters, corresponding to that of the Imperial Palace. The multifarious architectures standing encircled by hills and rivulets and amidstbeautiful flowers and exquisite waters, presented a picturesque view. Of the total 160 scenic attractions in Yuanmingyuan, many were imitations of scenic mountains and rivers and famous gardens in China.

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