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photos of giraffes

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giraffe face
Giraffe Face
giraffe picture
Giraffe Picture
Giraffe, Africa
giraffe animal
Giraffe animal
giraffe's diat
Giraffe's diet
giraffe fourst
Giraffe in forest
african giraffe
African giraffe
giraffe tree
Giraffe and tree
giraffe wild
Wild giraffe
giraffe's facts
Giraffe's facts
the giraffe
The giraffe
giraffe in african forest
Giraffe in African forest
giraffe information
Giraffe information
giraffe head
Giraffe Head
giraffe family
Giraffe Family
giraffe female
Giraffe Female


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Images of Giraffes



Giraffes photos copyrighted by: Christina Bush

The giraffes grow to between sixteen to twenty feet in height. A newborn giraffe is about 6 feet tall when it is born.

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All pics are under copyright of the photographer

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