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San Leo

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Image of San Leo


san leo
San Leo photos copyrighted by: Brian McMorrow

San Leo, once known as Montefeltro, is located in the Marecchia Valley (main road SS. 258) on top of a huge rocky crag, surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, 589 m above sea level, (639 m the fortress). Because of its impregnable position, the town has always been at the centre of numerous civil, military, religious and political events. In the 4th century, it was evangelized by St. Leo and after the fall of the Roman empire, it was fought over by the Goths, Greeks, Longobards and Franks, passing in the end to the Church. Between 962 and 964 AD, under Berengarius II, it became the capital of Italy and was the site of the hard-fought battle between Berengarius and the German Emperor, Otto I.

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